As of the start of 2023, Ganesh Iyer, Martinrea International Inc. Chief Technology Officer joins Auto/Steel Partnership’s (A/SP) prestigious Board of Directors. A/SP’s Board of Directors includes top management from member automakers, steel manufacturers and now adds the expertise of this global industry supplier.

Michael Davenport, A/SP Executive Director, notes that Mr. Iyer brings a unique perspective to the Board: “Ganesh has led Martinrea’s successful efforts to develop world-class automotive and industrial solutions during one of the toughest times in history. We are delighted to gain his insights into A/SP goals and direction as we continue to grow as an organization.”

Mr. Iyer in accepting his A/SP Board position said, “We have enjoyed a great relationship with A/SP for the past several years. The collaboration among the automakers, steel mills and other tier suppliers has benefitted Martinrea in advancing our technology and understanding of industry needs. Now as a Board member, I look forward to the opportunity to help steer this fine organization into the future.”

Mr. Iyer joined Martinrea International Inc. as Vice President of Engineering in December 2015, became the Company’s Chief Information Officer in 2018 and then was promoted to Chief Technology Officer in 2020. In his integrated role of Engineering, R&D and IT, Ganesh leads all aspects of the Company’s global engineering, and product development activities, as well as directs all design, hardware, software, cybersecurity and firmware development and deployment.

A/SP leverages the resources of automotive, steel and related organizations to enable innovations in design optimization and manufacturing technologies for achieving sustainable mobility solutions. We pass on these innovations through education for the industry and community, supporting the realization of technology and sustainability benefits through a skilled workforce.

A/SP projects focus on technical solutions for Advanced High-Strength Steel use in vehicle manufacture, bridging the gap between the lab and the shop floor. To learn more about A/SP and its mission, see our About page.