Auto/Steel Partnership – Award of Excellence

Established in 2018, The Auto/Steel Partnership Award of Excellence program publicly recognizes individuals and project teams within A/SP for their collaboration and innovations that continue to support and drive the Partnership forward. Award recipients were selected by A/SP’s Joint Policy Council (JPC) based on nominations from all A/SP members and on work performed in the last 12 months. Award categories include: Individual Award, Team Project Award, Most Valuable Player Award and Key Collaborator.

Award Recipients by Year

2023 Winners – A/SP Award Recognition 2023 Press Release

2022 Winners – A/SP Award Recognition 2022 Press Release

2021 Winners – A/SP Award Recognition 2021 Press Release

2020 Winners – A/SP Award Recognition 2020 Press Release

2019 Winners – A/SP Award Recognition 2019 Press Release