Course Descriptions – Joining

NEW!  A/SP Advanced High-Strength Steels Joining Courses

Enhance Your Understanding of Joining for Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) Vehicle Manufacturing Applications with New A/SP Courses

Auto/Steel Partnership now offers free courses on Joining for AHSS in a LIVE webinar series starting in June. These initial classes focus on resistance welding, but we’ll have content on other types of joining coming soon.

Similarly to our well-received Metallurgy and Formability courses, these classes will be one to two hours taught by instructor, Dr. Daniel (Danny) Schaeffler of Engineering Quality Solutions ( Danny will be supported by a panel of OEM Joining subject-matter experts from our membership.

All courses are offered in a webinar format that includes detailed presentations, interactive learning and time for questions and answers.

If your interests touch on joining operations used in vehicle manufacturing, these classes are for you!  Once you’ve completed all courses, you can expect to have a solid overview of AHSS Joining solutions as deployed in automotive applications.


Joining Courses in the Series

J101 – Resistance Welding Processes and Spot Welding Fundamentals (2 hours)

Learn about:

  • Resistance Welding Processes
  • Resistance Welding Fundamentals
  • Effect of Coatings
  • Mechanical Properties of Welds


J102 – Resistance Welding Failures, Failure Modes and How to Monitor (1.5 hours)

Learn about:

  • Failures and Failure Modes
  • Production Variables and Troubleshooting
  • Process Monitoring and Control with Destructive and Non-Destructive Evaluation


J103 – Resistance Spot Welding Optimization (Beyond Basics) (1.25 hours)

Learn about:

  • Optimizing Process Windows
  • Creating Multi-Sheet Joints
  • Press Hardening Steels


J104 – Liquid Metal Embrittlement and Model Process Simulation (1 hour)

Learn about:

  • Liquid Metal Embrittlement
  • Modeling and Process Simulation