AHSS Stamping

The AHSS Stamping Team is investigating a wide array of studies supporting the accelerated application of innovative AHSS products to reduce vehicle weight and to improve structural performance. The approach is to divide the broad project spectrum of possibilities into three categories, including: evaluate steels using baseline industry tools; address production challenges; and improve capabilities for analysis methods.  The Team’s primary focus is on springback prediction, control and validation, local formability of AHSS and 3rd Gen AHSS and on predicting press tonnage needed to trim and form 3rd Gen AHSS.

Focal Projects & Priorities

Spring Back Prediction, Control and Validation is a priority focal project for A/SP. The Stamping Team has multiple projects addressing springback including; Modeling, Combination Bead Die, Hybrid Bead and Twist Die Studies.

3rd Gen AHSS Press Tonnage

The 3rd Gen AHSS Press Tonnage project is a focal challenge to enable accurate prediction of press tonnage needed to form 3rd Gen AHSS panels.