Watch Seminars

The following courses are made available for On-Demand streaming. You can have a look at A/SP’s current training schedule and register for upcoming classes here.


Advanced High-Strength Steels Metallurgy and Forming – Overview-Level Courses

Course No. Course Registration Link
MET03-O Metallurgy and Steelmaking (1 Hour) Click to Watch
FOR05-O Press, Tool & Die, and Metal Forming Lubrication Considerations when Working With Higher Strength Steels (1 Hour) Click to Watch
FOR06-O Moving Beyond Conventional Cold Stamping (1 Hour) Click to Watch


A/SP Joining Overview (Technical Course)

Course No. Course Registration Link
JOI01 Joining Overview Click to Watch


A/SP Leadership Series

Course No. Course Registration Link
LS01 Career Management Concepts for Design Engineers and Technical Leaders. (1 Hour) Click to Watch
LS02 Vehicle Life Cycle Assessment 101 (1 Hour) Click to Watch