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You are Invited! Across industries, the cost of doing business has gone up significantly. With rising oil prices, cost of labor, logistics, and raw materials, businesses around the world are scrambling to find newer ways to reduce costs and improve profitability. Even...

Alternative Joining Techniques for Advanced High-Strength Steels

Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP)  is investigating alternative sustainable joining techniques to resistance spot welding (RSW) for automotive applications. RSW is a mature, high-volume process for joining steel, however the industry is seeking more efficient and...

Magna and Metalsa Join Auto/Steel Partnership

Ann Arbor, Mich., January 9, 2024 – Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP) today announces the addition of two prestigious Tier One automotive suppliers to its membership, Magna International Inc., and Metalsa. “To say we are proud to make this announcement is an...

About Auto/Steel Partnership

Automotive Innovation, Research, and Steel Resources
The Auto/Steel Partnership is a consortium of steel mills, automakers Stellantis, General Motors Company, Toyota and tier one Affiliates. Formed in 1987, the Partnership leverages the resources of the automotive and steel industries to pursue research, validation and education that have helped automakers enhance vehicle safety and fuel economy while improving design and manufacturing. Through the Auto/Steel Partnership, automakers, steel companies and tier suppliers have worked to drive improvements from concept through realization in vehicles on the road today.

The Auto/Steel Partnership will deliver, to the automotive industry, future steel innovations and solutions that meet society’s needs for sustainable vehicles.

To achieve sustainable automotive solutions, Auto/Steel Partnership will appropriately leverage the:

  • Intellectual and technical resources of the automotive, steel and related industries / organizations;
  • Inherent high-performance characteristics of steel; and
  • Innovations in design optimization and manufacturing technologies.