Joining Project Team

The Joining Team is developing joining strategies to enable the application of AHSS and 3rd Gen AHSS in automotive applications.  The Joining Team’s investigations include; development of LME resistant weld schedules for 3rd Gen AHSS, improving the toughness of welds in AHSS, FEA based crash modeling of resistance spot welds, and fusion weld process modeling.

Focal Projects and Activities

LME of 3rd Gen AHSS – Industrial Welding Solutions

A priority focal project for A/SP is assessing LME susceptibility of AHSS and 3rd Gen AHSS, the impact of industrial welding factors, and developing LME resistant fusion and spot-welding solutions for AHSS and 3rd Gen AHSS.  Additional emphasis is on non-destructive testing and inspection methodologies for LME, computer modeling and simulation of spot welds for LME crack formation.