Ganesh Iyer – A/SP Board of Directors

Ganesh Iyer, Chief Technical Officer, Martinrea, International Inc.Ganesh Iyer joined Martinrea International Inc. as Vice President of Engineering in December 2015, became the Company’s Chief Information Officer in 2018 and then was promoted to Chief Technology Officer in 2020. In his integrated role of Engineering and IT, Ganesh leads all aspects of the Company’s global engineering product development activities, as well as directs all design, hardware, software, and firmware development and deployment to accelerate Martinrea’s efforts to competitively develop the best-engineered automotive and industrial solutions for our customers.

Prior to joining Martinrea International Inc., Ganesh was a General Manager at Norma Group where he led the turnaround primarily through improving OEE, employee morale and engagement, which led to a reduced backlog, overtime and on time delivery. In 2013, Ganesh joined Dana Corporation as Director, Purchasing, Commercial Vehicles where he successfully managed a major resourcing project.

Ganesh started his professional career at Benteler Automotive where he held various positions in the areas of advanced quality, product engineering, operational excellence, IT and plant operations. During his time at Benteler, his primary focus was on designing quality systems and advanced quality and designing and developing lightweight products to meet customer requirements. He was also instrumental in SAP launches, improving mail systems and in upgrading all infrastructure to the latest technologies.

Ganesh has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems from India. He also has a Master’s degree In Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University.