Pascal Charest – A/SP Board of Directors

Pascal Charest joined Cosma International in 2002 leading R&D efforts in metalforming processes. In 2010, he served as Engineering Manager for a Cosma Chassis production division focused on both steel and aluminum front and rear subframes. In 2015, he became general manager of Promatek Research Centre, Cosma’s leading process R&D facility with a focus on developing advanced metal forming and manufacturing processes for body and chassis components. And finally, in 2023, Pascal took global responsibility for Process R&D and prototype divisions leading his teams in Magna’s transition to BEV architectures and advanced manufacturing solutions (I4.0).

Pascal’s experience spans various metal forming and joining processes. He has experience in metal stamping, hydroforming, hot stamping, metal casting, and various joining processes. With the transition to BEV architecture and the need for battery trays, new skills have evolved relative to adhesives and sealants as well as integrated designs in BIW.

Pascal’s focus is on team work and collaboration – “We can accomplish so much more with improved results when everyone supports each other”. Pascal has prioritized this attitude at work and at play where he coaches hockey and soccer teams with his kids.

Pascal graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Applied Science – Mechanical Engineering.