Juan Pablo Pedraza – A/SP Board of Directors

Juan Pablo Pedraza, TerniumJuan Pablo Pedraza heads Ternium’s global research and development area based in Monterrey, Mexico. From the Ternium R&D Center in Pesquería (NL, Mx) he focuses on the coordination of new product development projects, evaluation of their functionality in service and design of solutions with industrial customers. He also actively participates in the definition and selection of new technologies for the manufacture of steel products.

Juan Pablo has 25 years of experience in the industry, occupying various positions related to quality management, product development and laboratory management. Born in Argentina, he has lived in Mexico since 2015, where he has participated in investments in equipment, technology and product development that have positioned Ternium in the automotive market in the last decade.

Juan Pablo has a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Sur (Bahia Blanca, Argentina), and a Master in Advance Metallurgy (Sheffield University, UK).